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Here at Magnuson Low Voltage Wiring we offer several different services for your low voltage needs. Please look around and if you do not see the low voltage service that you are looking for feel free to contact us, we would be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have. Whether you are thinking about protecting your home with perimeter protection, or protecting your business from door access, shoplifting, or personal injury lawsuits, we here at M.L.V.W. are happy to help. Please call/email today to setup a consultation. 


Protect your home or business with real-time video monitoring! Here at M.L.V.W. we provide both residential and commercial video surveillance with commercial grade equipment. 

By installing a video surveillance system, you will have real-time access to a live video feed that is recorded for later playback or for making videos for police, private investigators, or for personal investigations.

We provide only commercial grade equipment that is professionally installed. See what's happening at your business anytime, anywhere with 24/7 live look-in access via your Internet-connected computer or mobile device. Watch over key areas of your business, customer traffic and employee activity.


We also can make video feed available to you in your personal office on large screen HD TV's and/or Monitors and also on your smart phone for anywhere, anytime, remote viewing!


With the GE XTI Security System powered by you can monitor and view detailed reports on all of the activity that takes place on your property 24/7.


Keep track of every door, drawer, cabinet, safe and window. Security can be easy. Record video and enable live feeds to watch remotely what happens at your business any time of day or night.

  • Make sure employees are opening and closing on time.

  • Check when the little ones get back from school, or what time your teenager came home last night.

  • Make sure no one enters private offices or sensitive cabinets without your knowledge.

  • Receive instant notification if a medicine cabinet, gun cabinet, or liquor cabinet is opened. 

  • See what time the house cleaners arrived and how long they stayed.

  • Track customer traffic in and out of your business.

  • View daily reports on office usage from every sensor.

  • Arm the security system automatically or remotely, even when employees forget.


Protect your business with a door access control system. Once a door access control system is installed, all doors controlled by the system will automatically lock when the door is closed.


Anyone without a PIN or access token/key fob will be unable to enter. If necessary, doors may be set to automatically unlock during a designated time frame.


Access control offers a secure, convenient, flexible and cost effective way of controlling who has access to your building and when that access is allowed.


Are you looking for a VOIP Phone Installation? Or Maybe a repair to an existing Plain Old Telephone System (POTS)?


We also install networking racks, patch panels, switches, wall plates, and run data cable (Cat5e, Cat6). 

We also do wire consolidation. If there is a mess of wires behind the computer or entertainment center or IT closet or there is a mess of wires in the basement or side of the house from the internet/tv/phone installation we will clean up and consolidate these wires for a more "clean" and professional look, which will also prevent future outages.

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